Cbd oil can help with a wide range of illnesses. On this page you can read about the CBD oil experiences of our customers, how the use of CBD oil helped them to alleviate pain and reduce symptoms.

James – Autism, chronic anxiety

Age: 13
Complaints: Low functioning autism, chronic anxiety

10% CBD oil from Egis Natuurlijk

My son is 13yrs old with low functioning autism. He suffers chronic anxiety.

Within just one week of beginning with a few drops of Egis CBD 10% I am staggered at how this tiny amount has had such a profound effect upon my son’s anxiety levels!

Last minute changes to routines has not resulted in meltdowns at all this week. His mood has been so much better. Little panic about school and sleep patterns have improved. Because of his lowered anxiety levels he has been more open to interactions eg; we managed to read a whole book together.

I am now convinced that his body was in need of this supplement all along and I am more than happy to keep giving it to him if it continues to regulate his system.


Arjan – Various illnesses

Age: 19
Complaints: ADHD, autism, insomnia, fears

10% CBD oil from Egis Natuurlijk

It takes a while for the CBD oil to work, but if I do not take it, it will get worse, so there is definitely a difference.

Arthur – CBD because of epilepsy

Age: 40+
Complaints: Epilepsy

Thanks to your oil, my epileptic seizures stop within 2 minutes, no matter how long the attack had been going on.

Luuk – Psoriasis

Age: 29
Complaints: Psoriasis

Right after taking the first drops, I notice a difference. After 14 years of walking around with active psoriasis, this was a liberating feeling. The spots are still there, but they do feel calmer. Thus, I am certain that CBD oil can really mean something in my fight against psoriasis.

Gisele – Stomach aches after lap-band surgery

Age: 53
Complaints: Stomach aches

After my lap-band surgery, I got severe stomach aches and had to take a pill at least twice a day. I got heartburn and spit black saliva in the morning. I have been using CBD oil for a week now and so far I no longer feel any pain. I also sleep better.

Christ Jan – Painful symptoms after being diagnosed with Q fever

Age: 29
Complaints: Painful symptoms after being diagnosed with Q fever

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Q fever. As a result, I lost 25 kilos. I got a lot of painkillers and I felt very grungy. I have been using CBD oil for a month now and my muscles and joints do not hurt as much, I sleep better, and I gained 5 kilos! I no longer use painkillers and overall I feel much more fit.

Petra – Asthma, rheumatism

Age: 70+
Complaints: Asthma, rheumatism

At first, I had to rest after taking a few stairs. Now that I use CBD oil, running up and down the stairs is no longer a problem. The pain in my fingers because of the arthritis also eased up. Now I can help more in the household. At first, I could not even do the dishes, but now that I use CBD, I can.

Bas – Insomnia

Age: 24
Complaints: Insomnia

Since I use CBD oil, I sleep like a rock. My mother now uses it too.

Anneke – FM and chronic pain syndrome

Age: 29
Complaints: Fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic pain syndrome

I am 29 years old and I am diagnosed with FM and crhonic pain syndrome. I just rehabilitated for four months, but unfortunately the pain has not gotten any less. I did not get any medication; I just had to buy chemical junk at the drugstore. I have been using CBD oil for a month now and on average, I use 60% less pain medication. I am very relieved; it’s a nice feeling that I no longer have to take those chemical products to make it through the day. CBD oil makes my life “liveable” in a healthy way.

Joke – SCCH and arthritis

Age: 50
Complaints: Sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis (SCCH) and arthritis

Most of the pain in my neck and back because of my arthritis is caused by muscle tension… Now that I use CBD oil, muscle tension decreased and so it hurts less.

Hans – Chronic pain

Age: 40+
Complaints: Neuralgia

I am so glad that I found CBD, a natural painkiller without the chance of getting addicted. After years of unbearable neuralgia, lots of hospital visits, observations, physiotherapy, TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), and disappoints – I even almost lost my job – my doctor decided to give me Tramadol, also because NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) did not have that much effect. I could not get an anesthetic nerve block because of several reasons. Things were going better and I got on with my life.
My doctor kept prescribing Tramadol and kept increasing the dosage, but then I ended up at the clinic. They told me that I took a lot of Tramadol. I had to reduce the dose gradually. I was reluctant. The pain got worse and I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I had to take a step back at work and I began searching for an alternative, because I could not take it any longer.
I had already heard of THC as a painkiller. However, it hindered my everyday life. An employee told me about CBD oil. I was hesitant at first. I explained my problems. They recommended to start with CBD 2.5% and so I did. Right away, it had an unexpected positive effect. I still experienced pain, but it was less intense. I ran out of my trial bottle and so I bought CBD (raw) 5%. Of course it worked better than the 2.5% and I used CBD 5% for quite a while. Because of CBD, I could go back to work, go out, take care of my children, and even long car rides were no longer a problem. I was living life again!
I used CBD (raw) 5% for quite some time and it was a relief to notice the difference compared to other medicines. No side effects, just functioning normally.
Google led me to Egis CBD 10%. I ordered a bottle and now I want nothing else. For me, it is a magic cure. I take it with me wherever I go and I am pain-free! Sometimes I take an extra aspirin, but that is all. Now I stick with Egis CBD and I can recommend it to everyone who experiences chronic pain.