Turmeric & CBD oil (500mg) Wunder Workshop

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Turmeric CBD oil (500mg) Wunder Workshop.

Why choose between the benefits of CBD oil and turmeric? Both. In one bottle. With black pepper to forcefully extract turmeric.

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<h2> Turmeric and CBD in 1. </h2>
Why choose between the benefits of CBD oil and turmeric? Wunder Workshop offers your client both. In one bottle. The stylishly designed glass pipette bottle contains both 500 mg CBD and organic turmeric. In addition, black pepper has been added to unlock the power of turmeric. This CBD oil with turmeric has a base of organic olive oil, which makes the taste particularly pleasant and recognizable. Wunder Workshop knows exactly what your customers value.
<li> 500 mg CBD and organic turmeric (curcuma longa) </li>
<li> Based on tasty organic olive oil </li>
<li> Turmeric obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction </li>
<li> Prepared by hand in a certified laboratory in London. </li>
Turmeric and CBD can help with pain relief. In AMC there is going to be research into the promising potential through synergistic cooperation.

Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect

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Percentage of CBD


Production method

CO2 extraction (bitter)


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